These are varying pictures of Jam-A-Grams. 
Feel free to use them on your Animal Jam Blog. (Click to enlarge.)

The following cards were deleted to make space for new cards.

Holiday Jam-A-Grams, the following cards can only be sent on special holidays.

The following cards were sent to Jammers by AJ HQ.
Some of them are Monthly Member Gifts, which are special gifts sent to members by AJ HQ.
Some of them are also the cards sent to nonmembers by AJ HQ.








  1. great blog trickertreee
    by the way im cat406789

  2. It's nice to look in archive, sometimes it brings back such memories to look at old Jam-A-Grams :)

  3. Aww... I miss the Mira card so much! I have fond memories of it.